Black Bin Bag

Out of the Black Bin
Bag, I have nothing.
No thing!
So what does this bring
to me?
What can I do or be,
with no thing?

I am called to myself!

To step beyond the emptiness
and sorrow of believing
I have no thing,
am no thing;
and to seek the truth that lies
outwith and within.

With no thing I find I am full.
Full of space; and space is full
of possibilities. With space full
of possibilities, I am called
to visit within and beyond.

And then I see.
Then I know.
That with No thing,
I am all and none
and one with all.
I am.

I am one Thing
to offer to life’s Calls?

I am one thing in
service to your need?
You only need
to reach in
to the Black Bin
Bag and,
You may
find me.

©Louie Gardiner, 21st July 2014

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